Who’s Nostalgic Momma?

img_1239Michelle is a blogger wanna-be who has a lot of unfathomable thoughts in her head but doesn’t know where to begin with, neither the moment she gets hold of a pen and a paper nor when she’s about to start typing in the keyboard.

She was once a part of her elementary and high school’s newspaper writing team; and she also writes teeny-weeny-cheesy romantic fiction as a product of her imagination and built-in hopeless romantic heart. When she reached college, she pursued Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as the career path in IT has been popularly regarded as one the high paying jobs globally. But she knows there is still something more to software engineering and good paying employers. She’s looking for something that will give her fulfillment (aside from being a mother to her little one).

And so after more than 20 years of existing in this world, she’s finally have her passion figured out… and guess what? It’s WRITING! She enjoys writing and sharing with the hope that she could help or inspire readers in her own ways.

After getting married and entering motherhood, she still has a lot to discover as she ventures on this new phase of her life.  So she has decided to start blogging about motherhood musings, parenting “aha’s!”, (mis)adventures and sharing of personal random thoughts then voila! Here comes Nostalgic Momma!

Join her as she tries to have a come-back to the world of writers and being a loving wife and momma to her blessed little family at the same time.


Let me hear your thoughts! :)

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