Momma Saves Money Through Shopback Philippines!

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen! How would you feel if you are being paid to shop online? Aren’t you thrilled with the idea? As for me, I am wondering where this kind of service platform has been all along. I’ve learned how beneficial online shopping is in my life when I became a mother. But I don’t know that it could’ve been even better because of this latest discovery of mine in the online shopping world. Haha!

As I have always been saying – I am a thrifty person. I am always on the look-out for promos, items that are discounted, quality products and of course… freebies! Haha! I am not ashamed to admit that whenever I shop or do the groceries (online or not), I feel a bit of kilig when I see that an item is on sale! Hihi. Especially that I am already a mother and a wife, and that I do the household budgeting, I am even more cautious with how I spend money nowadays.

Because I am mostly an active internet surfer, I discovered a new platform that basically allows us, shoppers, to avail of the best deals and discounts from our favourite shops and get some CASHBACK! Yep, you read that right! You shop, you pay, and you get a percentage of your payment back to you. Awesome! I know right? 😀

Shopback is actually an established Cashback site in Singapore and Malaysia and they are now offering their services to the Philippines for us to enjoy and save some money!

Just because i’m a very excited online shopper, I immediately created an account with ShopBack. I am so happy to see some of my favourite merchant stores that are in partnership with them just like Lazada and the online food delivery platform service FoodPanda. There are even stores like Zalora, Sephora and Althea for the Beauty and Fashion junkies out there!

As for me – a newly converted WAHM, I am already planning to set-up my official home office corner in our small home. I am just so glad to see that Shopback is offering up to 8% of cold cash back when I do shop at Lazada through them. Again, isn’t it amazing?! 🙂 If I am going to purchase an item worth Php 3,000.00, I will be able to get back Php 240.00 from ShopBack, just because they are that generous. Why do they even do that, you say? I’ve read from their site that the commission they receive from referring online shoppers to several stores are shared with us, shoppers! I love the concept because really… Sharing is caring!

Here are some few of the items I am about to purchase from Lazada Philippines. (I am so excited because I am already imagining what my home office will look like. 😛 )


Using their platform is so easy. Just sign-up for a new account (that is, if you haven’t just yet), and confirm your e-mail address. You can then start shopping in just four easy steps:


ShopBack is in partnership with over 300 stores here in the Philippines! So many to choose from, I know! 🙂 Your favorite store might be one of them.




Note that this step is very much important in order to use ShopBack successfully. You have to click on you preferred store and stay on the redirected page as you do your shopping.



After you successfully purchased the item, you will only have to sit back and relax, and wait for the cashback be credited to your ShopBack account. It’s important to remember that the cash will be redeemable once the merchant has already validated your order which may take up to 30 to 60 days.



They’ve made it pretty much convenient for us shoppers! Yay!

I tell you, dear readers, that this is really an effective way of being able to save money and availing of great discounts. I am not someone who patronizes products in which I do not believe in or of services which I have no plans of using for a long time. So I guess I am about to keep a long term relationship with ShopBack because I do believe they are of big help to me as an online shopper and a busy, thrifty working-at-home momma.

It is a win-win situation if you’ll be using Shopback with your online transactions. In this very age of advanced technology, this is another great innovation that is pretty much beneficial to our lives – really! If you’re not yet using ShopBack, I recommend that you go and check what they have to offer at their site. As you may want to sign-up for the first time, you may use my referral code to get Php 100.00 discount – just click here (you’ll get to share your referral code, too, if you do sign up with them. So you can avail of their rewards for successful referrals. Hehe 😉 ).

If you’re already using this awesome platform, would you tell me your experience with shopping through ShopBack? I hope it’s as pleasant shopping experience as mine! 🙂


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