OTW to sleepless nights… and days!

Lately, i’ve been having trouble sleeping through the night. Aside from the fact that my back hurts as hell and my rib cage feels so broken… my baby boy’s turning and kicking almost all the time, as if he ate a bowl full of carbs (or sweets). He’s one active baby! And that’s a good thing! I might enter paranoia if I don’t feel him moving in a span of 2 hours. Anyway, I just consider my almost-sleepless-nights as a training ground before I fully enter motherhood. So maybe, when the time comes, I won’t freak out that much! LOL.

I’m on my 34th going to 35th week of pregnancy and I keep on praying that the weeks ahead of us may be blessed (if not blissful) for the two of us.
Honestly, i’m already scared. Questions keep hunting me day in and day out.
“Will I be able to push to a normal delivery?”
“Is baby on the right position already?”
“How is he doing inside me?”
“Is he healthy enough?”
I’m terrified. I feel anxious. Sometimes, I feel depressed.


After all, i’m still hoping for better things to happen. ‘Coz what’s about to happen is one of the greatest and most anticipated event of my life. Giving birth. Becoming a mother. Embracing life’s bittersweet reality.

Well then, see you very very soon my precious baby boy! 🙂
“All izz well! All izz well!” – 3 Idiots