Cook & Write

I’m falling in love with home cooking. I feel a sort of heightened enthusiasm whenever I see recipes online. I want to try them out. I want to cook them all. If only I have the time and energy nowadays. Third trimester’s been making me sluggish and lazy for the past few weeks. But then, as I am already a wife and soon-to-be-mom, I have to practice and enhance my home cooking skills (so it’s already a skill of mine. I’m claiming it! Haha). Though I always feel tired and sleepless, I still thrive to cook a healthy (as much as possible) and edible meal for me and my husband. We bring our packed food in the office instead of eating out for lunch. Kailangan magtipid eh! 🙂


What I do is prepare our packed lunch the night before so that I don’t have to rush things the next morning. I prepare and cook everything at night (and just put it inside the fridge especially if it has veggies or dairy).

I posted in my IG account (though I lack the presentation/photography skills)some of the dishes I’ve cooked. Some are made from experimenting, others I followed from a recipe I’ve found online. Then I thought I should be posting it also here in my blog. For the next few days, I will be writing about the meals I’ve cooked and how I did it. Just thought I could share those to whoever is interested. 😉 so long as I have the energy, I’ll cook and write.
La la la la la~

1st Work Anniversary

Today marks my 1st year work anniversary in my current company. And for me who’s never had the chance to stay this long from my previous companies (I was with 2 companies where I experienced retrenchment and 1 where I just gave up for personal reasons), this is a milestone. An achievement. And I’m happy! Hopefully, I’ll be able to grow my career staying in here for the next months to come. Hihi. Yeah, HOPEFULLY. 🙂