I used to be a people person, but people ruined that for me.


Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I love humanity, but I don’t love society – that is another quote that resonates with me.

I care deeply about humanity, I hate sin and abuse, poverty and suffering.

I don’t want anyone to suffer. Not even the people who cause the suffering.

But, sadly my life has shown me way too often, that people can and will hurt you. And no, this is not my fault, because it was always their choice to make – to either abuse – or not abuse, to either hurt – or not hurt. Their choices to do wrong, cause harm, were not about anything I did, or didn’t do.

I refuse to allow victims blaming and I take full ownership of all I have done wrong in my life. I am committed to become a better person and not do wrong, not sin and I want to grow and develop. I listen…

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Life group


I am a Filipina, 22 years old and I’m looking for a Life Group.

Most times, I feel empty and lonely. I have friends, but I feel friendless. I get too tired when interacting with too many people. I don’t feel a sense of belonging in my own home, around my friends, beside my boyfriend, in my apartment, basically in this world full of hardships and other craps. I can’t seem to know where to get some support because I’m so afraid of giving away the little trust I have in myself. I keep things to myself. I can’t just share it because some people are too judgmental. Whenever I am feeling depressed, no one would usually know. I repress my emotions. I am spiritually empty because most times I remember to pray is when I’m asking God to just take me away from this cruel world while crying my heart out. I am thinking of going to a psychiatrist but it’s not what I need. I just want to be heard. I just want to know someone’s gonna listen, wholeheartedly and willingly.

That’s why I want to meet people who are passionate about life. Who are caring enough to be a friend. Who are spiritually whole and are willing to share life with one another.

Then maybe, I would be reminded of my purpose once again.

This is a plea. A cry for help. May even be tagged a a desperate move.

But thank you for reading this. And if you happen to know someone who’s leading or attending a life group, I wanted to meet them.